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Amphenol-Tuchel | Amphenol Sine Systems | Amphenol Entertainment - The consolidation of the successful Amphenol Tuchel, Sine Systems and Audio products within one company focused in the North American marketplace will provide their valued customers with increased service and product availability to satisfy demand like never before. Subsidiaries of the Amphenol Corporation and known leaders in interconnect products worldwide, Amphenol Sine Systems, Tuchel Electronics and Amphenol Entertainment (Audio) are interconnect solution experts for all environments. The company designs, manufacturers and supplies high-performance interconnect systems for a broad range of Industrial applications including factory automation, motion control, heavy equipment, alternative energy, rail mass transportation and advanced technology solutions for hybrid-electric vehicles. The addition of Amphenol Entertainment to our group adds professional audio, entertainment and lighting interconnects for the Entertainment marketplace. The company's headquarters are located Clinton Township, Michigan with global manufacturing, engineering, sales and service operations. Related product brands include: Amphenol, Amphenol Advanced Sensors (formerly GE Sensing), Amphenol Aerospace Operations, Amphenol Anytek, Amphenol ICC, Amphenol Industrial, Amphenol LTW, Amphenol Pcd, Amphenol RF, Amphenol Spectra-Strip, Amphenol SV Microwave.
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Connectors, verbindingen
Rechthoekige connectoren - Headers, mannelijke pin
Circulaire connectoren
Circulaire connectoren - behuizingen
Rechthoekige connectoren - behuizingen
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Heavy Duty connectoren - behuizingen, kappen, base
Circulaire connectoren - Backshells en kabelklemme
Stroomingangsconnectoren - inlaten, uitlaten, modu
Circulaire connectoren - Accessoires
Rechthoekige connectoren - contacten
Rechthoekige connectoren - Accessoires
Heavy Duty connectoren - Accessoires
Heavy Duty connectoren - inzetstukken, modules
Geheugenconnectoren - PC Card-aansluitingen
Circulaire connectoren - contacten
Contacten - Multi Purpose
Vat - audioaansluitingen
Terminals - behuizingen, laarzen
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Crimpers, applicators, persen
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