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CONEC - CONEC is a leading global designer and manufacturer of a wide variety of electronic interconnect products, featuring machined signal and power contact technology for Standard, High Density, Combination D-subs, designed for high reliability applications, IP67 harsh environments, and EMI Filter solutions. CONEC also offers an Industrial Circular line of IP67-rated harsh environment RJ 45, USB, LC Fiber, M12, and M8-type connectors for industrial Ethernet and automation applications. CONEC is a leading connector solutions provider for Aerospace, Automation, Communication, Industrial, Instrumentation, Medical and Telecom markets, committed to providing fast, reliable solutions to OEMs and contract manufacturers.
CONEC Producten
Connectors, verbindingen
Rechthoekige connectoren - Headers, mannelijke pin
Circulaire connectoren
Kaartrandconnectoren - Randbordconnectoren
Backplane Connectors - Specialized
Rechthoekige connectoren - gratis hangend, paneelm
Coaxiale connectoren (RF)
Modulaire connectoren - aansluitingen
Modular Connectors - Jacks With Magnetics
Circulaire connectoren - Accessoires
Achterplaatconnectoren - DIN 41612
Rechthoekige connectoren - Accessoires
D-vormige connectoren - Centronics
D-Sub, D-vormige connectoren - behuizingen
D-Sub, D-vormige connectoren - backshells, hoods
Coaxiale connectoren (RF) - Adapters
Geheugenconnectoren - PC Card-aansluitingen
USB-, DVI-, HDMI-connectoren
Circulaire connectoren - contacten
Glasvezelconnectoren - Adapters
Backplane Connectors - Accessoires
D-Sub, D-vormige connectoren - Accessoires
D-Sub, D-vormige connectoren - contacten
Circulaire connectoren - Adapters
Backplane Connectors - Contacts
Modulaire connectoren - pluggen
Coaxiale connectoren (RF) - Accessoires
D-Sub, D-vormige connectoren - Accessoires - Schro
Shunts, Jumpers
Modulaire connectoren - Accessoires
Vat - voedingsconnectoren
D-Sub, D-vormige connectoren - Adapters
Modulaire connectoren - Adapters
Glasvezelconnectoren - Accessoires
USB-, DVI-, HDMI-connectoren - Adapters
Coaxiale connectoren (RF) - contacten
USB-, DVI-, HDMI-connectoren - Accessoires
Modulaire kabels
Circulaire kabelassemblages
Tussen de adapterkabels van de serie
Crimpers, applicators, persen
Crimpers - Crimp Heads, Die Sets
Invoeging, extractie
Punchdown, Blades
Sensoren, transducers
Sensorinterface - knooppuntblokken
Sensorkabel - Assemblies